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Majors & Minors


The School of Physical Education, Health and Wellness offers five majors and two minors for students interested in a career that promotes the total well-being of others. Our curriculum is designed to provide hands-on experience in addition to the book knowledge necessary to excel in each field. However you choose to tailor your track, you’re sure to find friends and resources that will help you succeed and keep you “Fit for Eternity.”

Health, Physical Education, and Recreation:

Health Science:

Corporate/Community Wellness Management:

Sports Studies:

With a sports studies major, you can combine your in-depth knowledge of sports with another field, such as human performance, journalism, management, marketing, psychology, public relations and advertising, or recreation. Classes will vary with your chosen emphasis, but each option offers a unique experience to gain specialized skills and knowledge that will set you apart in your future career.

Download Curriculum PDFs:

Vegetarian Culinary Arts:

A vegetarian culinary arts degree will prepare you for a hands-on career in the very diverse field of food preparation. Whether your passion is in the front or back of the house, over the fire or as a restaurant owner, in a classroom teaching the finer points of a soufflé or showcasing your cutting edge knife skills in a studio, a degree in vegetarian culinary arts will put you on the fast track to reaching your goals. Unique to Southern, the program emphasis will be on vegan and vegetarian food preparations for a balanced, health-promoting diet.

Health and Wellness:

Physical Education (with optional teaching endorsement):