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A.S. Vegetarian Culinary Arts

Course Sequence

A vegetarian culinary arts degree will prepare you for a hands-on career in the very diverse field of food preparation. Whether your passion is in the front or back of the house, over the fire or as a restaurant owner, in a classroom teaching the finer points of a soufflé or showcasing your cutting edge knife skills in a studio, a degree in vegetarian culinary arts will put you on the fast track to reaching your goals. Unique to Southern, the program emphasis will be on vegan and vegetarian food preparations for a balanced, health-promoting diet.

A.S. in Vegetarian Culinary Arts


Complete course descriptions can be found in the current catalog or in this document.

Summer - Smart Start

RELB/RELT ? - Any Religion Course


Fall Semester - 1st year

NOND 101 - Southern Connections


HLNT 130 - Nutrition for Life 2
ENGL 101 - College Composition I 3
PEAC 125 - Fitness for Collegiate Life 1

VGCA 151 - Food Safety and Sanitation


VGCA 161 - Introduction to Culinary Arts and Skills


VGCA 101 - Professional Cooking: Vegetarian Main Dishes and Entrees I


VGCA 105 - Professional Cooking: Baking and Pastry I 1
VGCA 113  - Professional Cooking: Desserts I 1
VGCA 140 - Professional Cooking: Beverages I (Elective) 1
VGCA 142 - Professional Cooking: Fish and Poultry (Elective) 1
Winter Semester - 1st year
History [I-3-a] 3
ENGL 102 - College Composition II 3
COMM 135 - Intro to Public Speaking 3
VGCA 102 - Professional Cooking: Main Dishes and Entrees II 1
VGCA 106 - Professional Cooking: Baking and Pastry II 1
VGCA 109 - Professional Cooking: Soups, Sandwiches, and Salads I 1
VGCA 114 - Professional Cooking: Desserts II 1
VGCA 117 - Professional Cooking: Vegetables, Grains, and Sides I 1
Fall Semester - 2nd year

Natural Science [I-4]


RELT 138, 225, or 255 or RELB [R-2] 3
Physical Activity [P-1-b] 1
VGCA 110 - Professional Cooking: Soups, Sandwiches, and Salads II 1
VGCA 118 - Professional Cooking: Vegetables, Grains, and Sides II 1
VGCA 121 - Fresh and Raw 1
VGCA 125 - International Ethnic Cuisines: The Americas 1
VGCA 130 - Nutritional Cooking   1
VGCA 181 - Intro to Marketing for Culinary Professionals 1
VGCA 191 - Health Benefits of Vegetarian Diets 2
VGCA 144 - Professional Cooking: Beef (Elective) 1
VGCA 146 - Professional Cooking: Appetizers (Elective) 1
12 - 15
Winter Semester - 2nd year

Math (if required) [I-2-a]


BUAD 217 - Business-Computer Concepts and Applications 3
One Class from S-2 or S-3 3
VGCA 126 - International Ethnic Cuisines: Europe and Asia 1
VGCA 171 - Intro to Food Purchasing, Preparation, and Presentation 3
VGCA 175 - Intro to Culinary Supervision and Management 2
Summer—after successful completion of coursework

VGCA 192 - Vegetarian Culinary Arts Internship


Admission to Vegetarian Culinary Arts

Interested candidates must apply and first be accepted as a student at Southern Adventist University and then apply for acceptance into the Vegetarian Culinary Arts program. 

Strong candidates will display a passion for food and its preparation, will exhibit a strong work ethic and interest in a hands-on career, will be very career focused, and relish the opportunity to participate in an intense and fast paced academic progarm. Some previous experience in the food industry is highly recommended.


Email: Leslie Evenson

 "The science of cooking is not a small matter. The skillful preparation of food is one of the most essential arts. It should be regarded as among the most valuable of all the arts, because it is so closely connected with the life. Both physical and mental strength depend to a great degree upon the food we eat; therefore the one who prepares the food occupies an important and elevated position.” Ellen White (Counsels to Parents, Teachers, Children. Pg. 312)