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Access Management

Access Management manages the programming, encoding, and access policies of all campus locks and access cards. 

Access Request

To make a door access request, a supervisor, authorized by their department dean, must email one full business day in advance and include the following information:

  • Cardholder first name
  • Cardholder last name
  • ID#
  • Status (faculty/staff/student)
  • Building name
  • Room number(s) the individual needs access to

Lock Repair Request

To make a door lock repair request fill out the following form here. Leave the GL and CIP fields blank. Your request will be entered into our database and prioritized. 

Don Hart

Access Management Manager



Faculty Cards and Encoding at the Campus Card Desk

Once faculty and staff have their card encoded it will remain encoded throughout their employment. Student cards, however, will expire three times a year—at the end of the Fall Semester, the end of Winter Semester, and the end of Summer—and will require re-encoding.


Access Management is currently installing equipment that will allow card encoding to be done at the campus card desk. This means the card will have the code on it as soon as it’s made. Access requests will still need to go through, but Access Management at Plant Services will be able to program the access virtually without cardholders having to make the trip to Plant Services.  Certain access may take up to 48 hours to be programmed. For questions regarding access, contact Access Manager Don Hart.