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Administrative Council

President, Chair: Gordon Bietz

VP Academic Administration: Robert Young

VP Financial Administration: Tom Verrill

VP Student Services: William Wohlers

VP Advancement: Christopher Carey

VP Strategic Initiatives: Vinita Sauder

VP Enrollment Services: Marc Grundy

Associate VP Academic Administration: Volker Henning

Associate VP Financial Administration: Marty Hamilton

Associate VP for Budgeting and Finance: Doug Frood

Associate VP for Information Services: Gary Sewell

Dean Graduate Studies: Carl Swafford

Director Alumni: Evonne Crook

Director Development: Geovanny Ragsdale

Director Marketing and University Relations: Ingrid Skantz

Director Human Resources: Pat Coverdale

Director Planned Giving: Carolyn Liers

Director Records & Advisement: Joni Zier

Director Institutional Research & Planning:  Hollis James

Director Risk Management: Crystal Stitzer

Director Enrollment Services/Student Finance: Jason Merryman

Director Enrollment Services/Recruitment: Jackie James

Controller: David Huisman

Student Services Representative: Brennon Kirstein

Two faculty members selected by Senate: Stephen Bauer, John McCoy