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Scenario One: The Phone Call

Now that you have had the opportunity to learn some of the guidelines governing FERPA, we will take a few minutes to work through a scenario to demonstrate how you would apply this knowledge in your job.

This scenario focuses on how you would handle a phone call from a student who is requesting information about herself.

You receive a phone call from an individual identifying herself as Sarah Student. Sarah just finished her freshman year of college. It is summer and time for her to reapply for scholarships. Sarah states that she really needs to find out what her grades were from the previous semester in order to complete several scholarship forms that are due the next day. You tell her that she can access her grades through the university website. Sarah says she's forgotten her PIN number and cannot access her grades. She desperately needs this information and begs you to provide the information over the phone. She is willing to provide you with whatever information you need to prove her identity, including her student identification number. How would you respond to Sarah in this situation, based on FERPA guidelines and university policies and procedures?

Please select from one of the three options below.

Not provide the student information on her grades but provide her with assistance on how she can access the information herself.

Tell the student her grades over the phone only after she has accurately provided you with information that verifies her identity.

Tell the student her grades over the phone without any further information.