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Scenario Two: Faculty/Parent Requests

Now that you have had the opportunity to learn some of the guidelines governing FERPA, we will take a few minutes to work through a scenario to demonstrate how you would apply this knowledge in your job.

This scenario involves third-party access to student information by a parent who also is a faculty member. Does he have a legitimate educational interest for the information he is requesting?

Sam Student attends the university as an undergraduate student. His father is faculty and desires to know how his son is doing in his classes. He calls his son’s adviser and asks if he could get his grades. How should the adviser respond to the father’s request?

Tell the father as much information as possible regarding Sam’s progress in school. After all, he is a faculty member on campus and therefore has a legitimate educational interest.

Inform the father/faculty member that you cannot release any non-directory information regarding Sam because it is not based on a legitimate educational interest under FERPA.

Tell the father the information he has requested once you have verified his identity and that the caller is the father of the student.