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Institute for the Study of Ellen G. White and Adventist Heritage

Director:  Dr. Jud Lake


The mission of the Institute is to heighten awareness and appreciation for how the Lord has blessed the Seventh-day Adventist Church with the gift of prophecy, as manifested through the ministry of Ellen White, and for His providential leading in the founding and development of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Fall Adventist Heritage Tour

October 16 to 21, 2013

Students may pick up a tour application from Mary Anne Poulson in Hackman Hall Room 211.  The tour cost is $500, which may be charged to a Southern student's account as a lab fee if registered for RELT 139.

Current Southern students may apply in Fall 2013 using the following method.


ID #:


Local Phone Number:


Lecture Series Upcoming Event


October 3, 2013  Jim Nix


Ellen G. White Estate:

Center for Adventist Research:

General Conference Archives:

Adventist Heritage Ministry:

Ellen White Answers web site:

DVDs related to SDA history such as "The Midnight Cry" and "Keepers of the Flame" are available from the Adventist Book Center

The Ellen G. White Writings Comprehensive Research Edition on CD-ROM.  Contains 75,000 pages of E. G. White materials, plus Legacy of Light, a multimedia disc containing materials relating to EGW/SDA history; and Words of the Adventist Pioneers, containing approximately 175,000 pages of Adventist pioneer and historical publications.  Available from the Ellen G. White Estate or the Adventist Book Center.

The E. G. White Digital Study Center on DVD.  Contains the Ellen G. White Estate "Question and Answer File" and selections from its "Document File" - providing answers to hundreds of questions asked of the Ellen G. White Estate over the past 75 years, together with documents pertaining to Adventist history, Ellen White, and her teachings.

Also availabe at the Adventist Book Center are:

  • Messenger of the Lord, by Herbert E. Douglass
  • Ellen G. White Biography, by Arthur L. White (six volumes)
  • Ellen White Under Fire, by Jud Lake