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 Complete Evangelism Training Program

    SALT's complete evangelism training program is designed for individuals willing to dedicate one

    semester to intensive evangelism training.  Participants will learn and grow with other committed

    students as they attend practical, Bible-based classes and practice what they learn through

    hands-on outreach.


SALT Offers:
    • Certification as a Bible worker in just four months.
    • Fully accredited classes that can integrate with many degree programs.
    • Hands-on evangelism training by experienced instructors.
    • One-year task-force positions in Bible work, foreign missions, and evangelism upon 



Program Dates

August 24 - December 18, 2014 - Apply Today!





Program costs vary depending on whether or not you want to obtain academic credit for the semester. For credit, regular Southern tuition rates apply and scholarships and financial aid are available.  

For non-credit participants, a program fee of $3,600 will be charged for the 2014-2015 school year.  SALT scholarships may also be available to non-credit participants.  More information about costs and the credit versus non-credit options is downloadable here.


SALT Courses

*RELP 267 Introduction to Christian Leadership (2 hrs)

RELT 255 Christian Beliefs (3 hrs)

RELP 264 Christian Witnessing (3 hrs)

RELT 177 Christian Spirituality (3 hrs)

RELP 265 Topics in Evangelism (2 hrs)                                    

RELT 265 Topics in Prophetic Studies (1 hr)

**RELP 291 Practicum in Bible Work (1-3 hrs)


*RELP 150 Introduction to Ministry (2 hrs)

**RELP 391 Practicum in Bible Work (1-3 hrs)

NOND 101 Southern Connections for Bible Work (1 hr) 




Sample Schedule From Last Session: