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 Soul-winning And Leadership Training

God has called all of us to be the salt of the earth.

SALT, in partnership with the evangelistic ministry of It Is Written International Television, is a fresh and dynamic evangelism training program on the vibrant campus of Southern Adventist University.

Designed to deepen your faith, SALT is centered around a spiritual transformation that leads to lifelong ministry, while offering practical hands-on courses in soul-winning and evangelism. Experience the thrill of working alongside Jesus as you grow in a mentoring environment while attending top-quality Bible-based classes.


 Gain the ability to ...
    • Share your faith with confidence.
    • Find and give Bible studies.
    • Build relationships and gain decisions for Christ.
    • Understand and defend what you believe.
    • Study the deep Bible prophecies.
    • Engage in health evangelism, missions, literature evangelism, urban ministry and more!


   Learn about our fully accredited training program now!

   Interested in one week of intense evangelism training? Check out our Summer SALT program here.



SALT & It Is Written's Speaker/Director John Bradshaw answer: What is SALT? from SALT on Vimeo.


Southern Adventist University is proud to offer SALT in partnership with It Is Written

 Now accepting applications for Fall 2014!