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Student health insurance is offered to undergraduate and graduate students by the university for those who the school requires to have coverage and for those who would like coverage. Undergraduate students taking six or more credit hours (three or more credit hours during any summer session), or living in university housing must fill out an insurance information form at the beginning of each school year to request or waive health insurance coverage.

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Injury insurance is automatically given to undergraduate students taking 6 hours or more during the school year and those taking 3 or more hours during the summer. Students only enrolled in online classes and graduate students are not eligible for this coverage. This coverage is for students who are accidentally injured on campus or on a school-sponsored trip. Injury insurance cards are mailed to covered students. Medical facilities should bill this insurance as primary insurance. The coverage pays up to $2,500 of the costs involved in medical help following an injury.


The university requires undergraduate students taking six or more credit hours (three or more credit hours during any summer session), or living in university housing to have health insurance for inpatient and outpatient services. A Student Insurance Information form must be submitted to waive the university student health coverage, including proof of medical coverage.  Coverage is encouraged for spouses and dependents, as well. Students only enrolled in online classes are not eligible for coverage and will not be required to have medical coverage.

Is it Required?

  • Undergraduate students taking six or more hours (three or more hours during a summer session), or living in university housing, are automatically enrolled in the university health plan at the time of registration. Students will continue to be enrolled each successive fall semester unless a waiver is completed along with proof of other insurance.
  • Graduate students are eligible to enroll in the insurance plan on a voluntary basis.
  • International students are required to purchase this plan. Learn more >>

Waivers and Refunds

Students who have signed a waiver form may later request enrollment at any time while attending classes. A refund of the premium is allowed upon entry into the military services or by providing evidence of other insurance prior to mid-term break.


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Please make sure to submit a Student Insurance Information Form at the beginning of each school year and update it if your health insurance changes. This can now be done online and without having to provide a copy of your insurance card! You may be automatically charged for the school's student health insurance plan if we do not receive this information. The student health insurance charge cannot be refunded after Midterm Break. Graduate students and students taking only online classes are exempt from the student insurance requirements. You can download the form from the main page under "Student."