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Graduate Assistantship Application Form


Graduate Assistantships are non-tenured, part-time academic appointments that are available to enrolled MSW students. Qualified Graduate Assistants work alongside the faculty in various ongoing research projects and in preparation for BSW/MSW classes. Graduate Assistants work primarily with one professor, assisting her or him in social work research, teaching undergrad classes, and providing limited clerical support. They also form a dynamic GA team of MSW students, working together on group projects. This position includes 16 to 20 hours of work per week and is intended for graduate students who are NOT working full-time jobs and who have a passion for service-oriented learning.

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List relevant employment experience (begin with current or most recent position.)

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There are many reasons students apply for a Graduate Assistantship. Please write in the space below about what motivates you to apply for this service-learning GA position.



Indicate below any information that may be important to our consideration of your appointment (e.g., whether you have specials skills, teaching experience, research experience, and familiarity with statistics, SPSS, or “Ethnograpy.”