Campus Shop's New Textbook Reservation Feature

If you hate waiting in long checkout lines (so pretty much all of you), Southern’s Campus Shop has your back. Let’s take a look at their new Textbook Reservation feature.

The “before” scene goes like this. You try to beat the crowd by strategically planning when to go to the Campus Shop. You’re thinking early in the morning, lunchtime, or right before closing time. But no matter the time you arrive, there is a line of students way ahead of you. You stand by for an attendant to find your books. They find them. Victory! But wait. There is another line to the checkout counter.

Now the “after” scene. It’s a week till the big move to Southern. You are loitering around the house after a good nap and decide to pull up your laptop. You end up at After a few minutes searching for your textbooks, you add them to the cart and check out. You choose the “In-Store Pickup.” You pay using your ID number. The next week when you arrive at Southern, you leave your car running and enter the Campus Shop. You simply pick up your books. No lines. No hassle.

Sukie Myers is in charge of textbook purchasing in the Campus Shop. Here's what she said about the new feature. “The Campus Shop is always striving to make things easier for students, especially for those attending Southern for the first time. We are excited to introduce Textbook Reservations because it will be a much more convenient option that will minimize wait time in long lines and help to alleviate the stress students may face during the registration process.”

Click this link to their Facebook ( for more information.

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