New Year's Resolutions

New Year's ResolutionsPictured: Clockwise from top, Mark, Isabel, AJ, Nickolas, and Shannon

Happy Holidays! As another year wraps up, we cannot help but feel a mixture of melancholy for the old and anticipation for the new. This was the year of The Great American Eclipse, Wonder Woman, Salt Bae memes, #TheFloorIsLava challenge, Despacito, and much more. Still, it is time to say goodbye to 2017. To commemorate this new year, we asked five Southern students what their New Year's resolutions are. Here are their responses.

Mark Galvez, sophomore theology major, has a number of things, including food and God, on his mind:

“I want to have better spiritual involvement, find joy in things above and not here, and keep my phone charged. I want my meal plan to actually last me a semester and emulate the character of Christ into whoever I’m put into contact with.” 

Freshman medical laboratory science major Nickolas Blagojev is all about the laughter:

“If there is one thing that I want to do more this year, it's to laugh more! It’s pretty incredible what an intense five-minute laughing session with friends can do. Keeping a positive mindset with a laugh thrown into the mix can get you through a lot in college."

Isabel Groves, sophomore nursing major, is focusing on her beauty sleep:

"This year, I want to sleep. To finally be on top of things! Being a nursing student makes it difficult to have any time for anything except nursing, but this year will be different. My bed and I are going to spend more hours together than four hours a night this year!"

Senior finance major AJ Sato has a stately resolution to keep him pushing forward:

“My New Year’s resolution is: To continue developing as a God-fearing businessman by catalyzing innovation and cultivating growth in my life and the lives of those around me."

Last but not least, junior public relations major Shannon Hill is invested in grace and self-care:

“Every year rather than choosing a specific goal like a sugar fast or exercising five days a week, I try and choose a word that truly encompasses everything that I want to accomplish. This year my word is grace. I am a huge perfectionist. In the past, when I have set goals and I have not met them, I get upset and down on myself. I remember thinking, 'Well, it's December, and I did not accomplish any of the goals I made last January…' The truth of the matter is, when I have those moments that I am mad at myself for not accomplishing those goals, that is when I have to remember, I'm not perfect. Instead of getting all bent out of shape because I did not get all A's, what about giving myself some grace. I learned to make time for breaks and filling up my life with the things that make me happy on top of setting goals. I have found that when I was willing to give myself some grace, that is when I found true contentment. Set goals and aim high, but if you don't reach them today, or even tomorrow, give yourself some grace and try again.”

What are your New Year’s resolutions? List them in the comments below!

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