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A side view of a Campus Safety patrol vehicle parked in front of Wright Hall

At Southern, we are committed to keeping our students, employees, and visitors safe. Our Campus Safety team has developed strategies for emergencies ranging from an active shooter incident to a tornado.

Active Shooter Plan

Campus Safety has developed an education and response plan in the event of an active shooter incident. If such an incident occurs, Campus Safety has the ability to remotely lock down exterior doors and activate a campus-wide building alarm that gives a message with lockdown instructions. Everyone signed up for Southern’s emergency text message system receives an alert, which could help keep students off-campus away and safe. Campus Safety would also send a pop-up alert message to the phone display used across campus.

In order to prepare students and employees for the possibility of an active shooter, Campus Safety screens an informational video during student orientation and new employee training. They also give a presentation on locating possible safe places and later present at dorm worship. The first-year Southern Connections classes discuss active shooter incidents and emergency response. Campus Safety has an annual exercise with the Social Work department, and they have had training with the Collegedale Police Department.   

Currently, Southern is working to improve our active shooter plan. Campus Safety has proposed screening the informational video annually at the beginning of the school year and following it up with a questionnaire. They also propose an annual test of the text message system, with emails before and after about how to sign up for the alerts. Campus Safety proposes to hold a meeting with each department to identify options that help them be safe in the event of an active shooter. They would also hold local building-by-building drills and test the building alert system, door locking systems, and occupant response.

Lastly, Campus Safety has proposed purchasing three key pieces of equipment. The first is a software that sends alert messages to computer screens. The second are door stops, a kind of wedge that can barricade a door. The third are medical kits that specialize in tourniquets and blood clotting, and which would be placed in various locations around campus.

Fire Safety

Southern is very proactive about preventing fire incidents and preparing students and faculty for a fire emergency. All campus housing holds fire drills every semester. Residents must safely leave the building and meet their RA in a designated location within a target time. If any residents are missing or do not arrive in time, the drill is repeated on another night. Each room has a map signaling the closest exit. Southern’s alarm system gives automated instructions to evacuate the building. Southern is also well-equipped with sprinkler systems. For complete information on campus fire safety, including restrictions on open flames, see the Campus Safety fire safety page.

Weather Safety

Since Southern is a residential campus, it rarely closes for weather reasons. However, if closing becomes necessary, Southern will report it on the main webpage and students will receive an email notification. Southern also has a campus-wide alarm and siren system. Campus housing rooms include a map of safe areas where to take shelter in the event of a tornado. For complete information about weather safety, including a chart on alarm sounds and meanings, see the Campus Safety severe weather page.

RAD Self-Defense

RAD Self-Defense is a program offered to the campus community for free. The purpose is to increase the safety and safety awareness of its residents. There are separate programs for men and women. There are no physical fitness or skill prerequisites to join the RAD program. Students who choose to take the RAD courses receive basic dynamic impact training by striking padded equipment held by the instructors. All techniques target a single attacker. Campus Safety gives a presentation about RAD during new student orientation, so students can be aware of the opportunity and join. For more information about RAD and to access the interest sign-up form, see the Campus Safety RAD self-defense page.

At Southern, we are consistently working towards our goal of a safer, more welcoming campus where we hope you will feel at home.

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