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Membership Rates

The Hulsey Wellness Center offers annual and monthly membership options as well as daily and weekly passes for adults.

Membership Rates

Individuals must be 18 years of age to be eligible for membership or to purchase a day pass. 

Membership includes access to the Hulsey Wellness Center, Pools, and racquetball courts.  The Iles gym is excluded. Hiring a personal trainer is a service available to members only. 

Rates are subject to change.


$550   Annual
$50   Monthly


Non-member Admission

Passes are available for non-member guests.

 $5   One-day Pass
$15   One-week Pass
Valid six consecutive business days from the day of purchase
  All-day Pool Pass—adult
All-day Pool pass—up to age 16
 $2   Racquetball pass—1 hour

Personal training is available to members only.

Special Memberships

Undergraduate Students
Membership is automatically included for undergraduate students enrolled for at least six credit hours.

$35/month for students taking less than six hours

Graduate/Consortium Students  
$20/month for fitness floor and pool access.
(NOTE:There is no charge for Graduate/Consortium students who use only the Iles Gym/Racquetball courts or when participating in Intramurals.)

Auditing Students

Summer Undergraduate Students
Summer membership is included for students enrolled in a summer course or who are pre-registered for the following fall semester.

Spouses may be added to any membership.


All current Full-Time employees and their spouse are given a free membership to the Hulsey Wellness Center.

A constituent member rate is offered to:

  • Alumni of Southern Adventist University (must have attended one full semester)
  • Local Seventh-day Adventist employees (teachers and pastors)
  • Temporary Employees of Southern Adventist University
  • Parents of current SAU students taking 6 or more hours.
  • Any current student of another university


This special membership rate is offered to:

  • Retirees age 65 and older (8 a.m. - 4 p.m.)
  • Other Southern employees (retired, adjunct professors, part-time employees, emeritus faculty—excludes vendors) (Contract/Adjunct employees receive this rate as long as they are currently under contract)
  • Dependents of full-time employees (ages 18 - 24) who are not full-time students
  • Lights Volunteers
  • Auditing students
  • Qualifying donors
  • President's Circle members
  • Board of Trustees
  • Committee of 100


A monthly or yearly pool membership can be purchased for the following rates:

$25/month for 1st member
$10/month for spouse to join
$275/year for 1st member
$100/year for spouse to join