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Mike Huckabee

Former governor of Arkansas, host of “Huckabee” on the Fox News Channel

A Journey of Wellness

This is the story of one man’s successful efforts to drastically improve his own health. Diagnosed with Type II diabetes, he lost 110 pounds. Barely two years later he had completed four marathons. The host of Fox News Channel's “Huckabee” sets politics aside to tell how he changed his life.


Dr. Neil Nedley

Author and medical director of the Nedley Depression Recovery Program

Sunday: The Future of Physical and Mental Wellness

Dr. Nedley will explore the relationship between physical and mental wellness in America and the need to shift from the current disease-care-based system to a true comprehensive healthcare-based system. Barriers and methods for success will be addressed.

Monday: Mental Health, Depression, and Workplace Productivity

Dr. Nedley will explain the vital role of mental health in workplace productivity. Learn how to recognize the factors that can inhibit workplace productivity. In addition, learn how to foster a work environment that enhances productivity, emotional wellness, and satisfaction.



Ryan Picarella

Manager of corporate wellness at BlueCross BlueShield

The VOI of Wellness

Learn how to gain executive support for corporate wellness programs and motivate employees to participate. This session will show you how to put plans into action to create a sustainable wellness program that delivers results.


Dr. Carl A. Hammerschlag

A Yale-trained psychiatrist, master storyteller, and internationally recognized author

Choice, Challenge, and Change on the Road to Wellness

The way it was is not the way it is! Rapid changes in economics, technology, and culture require transformational thinking. You’ll discover, from both personal and organizational viewpoints, that thriving in the future is based on getting rid of preconceptions that keep us from seeing things from new perspectives. You can learn how to unlearn judgments that inhibit vision.


Sandy Queen

International wellness motivator and presenter

One Moment in Time

During this session, we will journey through this moment in time, stopping for a moment of gratitude, joy, fun . . . and realization that this moment, right now, is our gift . . . and in that one moment in time, graciously accepted as the gift it is, we acknowledge our beauty, our freedom, and our continued adventure in this thing called life.


Dr. David Gobble

Aging specialist and former director of the Ball State University Fisher Institute for Wellness

Empowering Your Whole Lifespan:
Keys to Successful Aging

Four things predict our experience across time:

  • our physical activity
  • our conscious daily choices that make up our lifestyle
  • our connections to others
  • our sense of purpose

You’ll come away with an understanding of the importance of these key factors in producing a high-quality, healthy life. And you’ll be equipped with a guide to healthy aging.


Dr. Des Cummings, Jr.

President, Florida Hospital Foundation

Creation Health

As lives become more and more fragmented, finding ways to bring meaning and order through a wholistic and balanced approach is very important. The "Creation Health" model is a powerful and positive tool to fill this need. Learn what inspired this approach and how it has improved lives.


Dr. Phil Garver

Dean of the School of PE, Health, and Wellness at Southern Adventist University

Wellness With Results: What? Why? and How?

Twenty-eight years of embracing, directing, consulting about, and teaching wellness has brought Phil Garver to a unique place. Hearing the simple yet powerful realities of his wellness experiences will validate or expand your wellness understanding.



David Roth

Joining us from his home on Cape Cod, David Roth has been troubadour for the National Wellness Conference for many years. His songs have found their way to Carnegie Hall, the United Nations, several Chicken Soup for the Soul books, the Kennedy Center, NASA’s Space Shuttle “Atlantis,” the Kingston Trio, Peter, Paul, & Mary concerts, and countless venues for more than two decades. Poignant to improbable, holistic to hilarious, David walks in wellness. Learn more at » 



Zonya Foco 

Move and stretch with America’s nutrition leader! She’s a master of inspiration, motivation, and visual humor, and will keep us active between sessions.


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