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Why should I donate my instrument?

You have the power to change a child’s life! Numerous studies show that learning to play an instrument boosts self-esteem and helps kids develop cognitive and social skills. It increases test scores and improves discipline! But renting an instrument privately can be too expensive for many families. When school systems are able to provide instruments, finances are no longer a barrier preventing kids from experiencing music firsthand.

What happens to my instrument immediately after I donate it?

Your instrument will be tagged with a unique ID number and taken to one of our instrument repair partner shops. There it will be repaired and appraised (if estimated to be worth more than $500).

How do I get a tax receipt for my donation?

If your instrument is worth less than $500, you may assess the value yourself and declare it as you would any other item of similar value. If the repair shop appraises it at a value greater than $500, you will be mailed a statement of value based on the appraisal.

What if my instrument is unrepairable?

If your instrument can’t be repaired to adequate condition for use in the school system, it will be either donated to the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera’s instrument petting zoo or liquidated to fund other student instruments to fill local needs.

In which local school will my instrument be placed?

WSMC has received a number of applications from local schools outlining department needs and program funding limitations. Once all instruments have been collected and repaired, they will be matched with schools where they will be of greatest benefit.

What if I donate a instrument that hasn't been requested by a local school?

If your instrument is not matched with any immediate school needs, it will either be held for a few months to meet any new needs that arise, or it will be liquidated to fund repair and other student instrument expenses.

I'm a music educator and my school's program needs instruments! How can I apply?

Click here to download an application. All applications must be submitted by April 18.



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