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Where do I find information about music I heard on WSMC?

WSMC’s extensive music playlist is posted online. Simply click on the date you heard the music, and you’ll be able to view the complete playlist for that day.

How can I listen to WSMC on the Internet?

Visit our streaming page online. Adobe Flash is required to listen to the stream. It can be downloaded at:

Can I buy music from WSMC?

WSMC is non-profit radio station with no retail sales license. However, we can point you in the right direction! Click on any record label number on our playlist page, and if it is still in print, you'll be taken to, our preferred online classical retailer. A portion of every purchase made through our website goes to support WSMC!

How do I become a WSMC member?

WSMC would love to have you as a member! Please visit our membership page for more information on the many ways you can become a supporter and member of WSMC.

Does WSMC need volunteers?

Always! Email and ask about volunteer opportunities.

Is WSMC a non profit tax-exempt institution?

Yes, WSMC is licensed and operated by Southern Adventist University, and as such is a tax-exempt 501(c)3. For more information on WSMC’s operations and financials, please contact Scott Kornblum at 423.236.2426 or

Does WSMC accept Public Service Announcements?

Organizations may submit materials to WSMC by email to, by fax at 423.236.1905, or even by standard mail. The event must be related to the arts (i.e. classical music, dance, exhibit, lecture, etc..), and we need to receive a press release or brief description at least two weeks prior to the event.

How can I get better reception of WSMC?

Having trouble receiving WSMC's FM signal? For some great pointers and tips about improving your FM reception, click here for a detailed article from Fanfarefm.

How can I contact one of your student announcers?

Students can be reached through the corporate email at Simply put the name of the student you wish to contact in the subject line.

Who works at WSMC?

WSMC is proud to employ an all-student staff to serve as program producers as well as on-air announcers. Three full-time employees run the office: Scott Kornblum, general manager; Boyd Buhl, corporate sales manager; and Emily Kurlinski, operations manager.

Where can I hear WSMC?

WSMC is a 100,000-watt radio station with the ability to reach Knoxville, parts of Georgia, North Carolina, and Alabama.

What is your mission?

To delight the classical music lover.

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