Advising Tips

Check degree audit to see if Christian Service is required for the student:

If Community Service (Level 1) is required, recommend these ongoing community service opportunities:

  1. School-Wide Service Days
    1. Freshmen Service Day
    2. MLK Day
    3. Global Youth Service Days
  2. Weekly Community Service Opportunities
    1. Westside 4 Jesus
    2. FLAG Camp
    3. Advent Home
    4. Patten Towers

If Service-Learning (Level 2 or 3) is required, inform student about the options listed below:

  1. Service-Learning Course (Level 2)
    1. Found under the “General Education Requirements” section of the course schedule
  2. Student-Initiated Project or mission trip (Level 3)
  3. Help student look through degree audit to identify future classes with projects that have service-learning potential.
    1. Service opportunities must be unpaid
    2. Primary beneficiaries of service must be off-campus
    3. Service must be tied to a past or current class learning objective
  4. Let student know that the Christian Service office is available for support.