Southern Professors Contribute Articles for “The Ellen G. White Encyclopedia”

The Ellen G. White Encyclopedia, a 1,500-page reference book released recently by Review and Herald Publishing, thoroughly documents the people and events in the life of this most famous Seventh-day Adventist figure. The collection has entries by authorities in several disciplines, including chapters researched and written by several scholars from Southern Adventist University.

EGW EncyclopediaAccording to Jud Lake, article contributor for the book and professor of Adventist studies at Southern, the publication of two separate encyclopedias related to C.S. Lewis was a primary catalyst for the project. In the book’s preface, editors elaborate further on its origins and intentions:

“Despite thousands of pages published by and about her [Ellen White], there was no comprehensive source to which a new reader could turn for easy access to specific information. The purpose of this book is to provide an easy-to-use standard reference that is readily comprehensible to a person without previous knowledge of the subject, yet informative enough to be useful to a specialist.”

Southern’s contributions toward the encyclopedia’s publishing are significant. The book contains 26 articles by eight different current or former Southern professors, and Michael Campbell, a 2001 theology graduate, was the assistant editor. School of Religion faculty members Stephen Bauer, Norman Gulley, '55, Michael Hasel, Jud Lake, '82, and Edwin Reynolds were joined by retired religion professor Jack Blanco in writing for the collection. Ben McArthur and Dennis Pettibone, faculty members of the History and Political Studies Department, also had articles included in the work.

The Ellen G. White Encyclopedia rises above the partisan views you sometimes see within Adventism,” Lake said. “In places where there is debate over the interpretation of her writings, articles highlight the nature of the debate so that the reader can make an informed decision.”

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