Healthcare Administration Program Ranked Among Best in the Nation

Southern’s healthcare administration program was recognized as one of the best in the nation by Public Health Online, an organization that provides college students with expert-driven information about public health. The university was listed among the top 50 Best Health Administration Programs for 2015 based on its student-to-faculty ratio, job placement rate, number of emphasis, and availability of financial aid, among other factors.

“This recognition is a validation of our commitment to excellence,” said Mark Hyder, dean of the School of Business and Management. “It shows that we are achieving our purpose of developing effective leaders in healthcare administration.”

Southern provides undergraduate and graduate degrees for students interested in becoming healthcare administrators. Students can study general subjects, such as human resources and economics, or hone their skills in a specific emphasis, such as long-term care administration or healthcare marketing. The program also offers a dual degree with the School of Nursing, allowing students to have a well-rounded grasp of the field.  

The high quality of Southern’s teaching faculty is one of the program’s most unique features. Professor Robert Montague, PhD, for example, is one of the few Seventh-day Adventists with a doctorate in healthcare administration, and Professor Luceta McRoy, PhD, is highly involved in research and has been published in four academic journals within the last year.

“I was able to network with real professionals who helped me build connections with future employers,” said Lindsey Brown, who recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in long-term care administration. “They became my mentors by giving me advice and guidance that made me more confident in my ability.”

Though many of the universities on the top 50 list have excellent programs, Southern is unique in its strong emphasis on faith-based values. Professors challenge students to focus on the aspects of faith embedded in the profession by blending traditional healthcare discussions with value questions.

“The premier feature in our program is the values piece,” Montague said. “That is what differentiates us. That is why someone would choose this program as compared to other programs; they’d choose ours because they want a Christian program.”

Whether students choose Southern or not, Montague believes healthcare administration is an excellent field to consider because many people feel the profession is “recession-proof.” Several graduates from the program are now in highly placed executive positions within Adventist Health Systems and local hospitals, and the possibilities for employment are still wide open.

“The job market has turned toward healthcare,” Montague said. “More and more dollars are going into healthcare, so there are jobs, and those jobs are very well paid. This is a terrific field, and it continues to grow because even in a down economy, people still like to get fixed when they’re broken.”

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