Professor Authors New Business Ethics Textbook

While sitting at home the lines between right and wrong can seem pretty clear—even more so in a church pew. But understanding what is fair, just, and legal in the workplace can be complicated. With the help of a new textbook, Business Ethics in Biblical Perspective (InterVarsity Press, 2015), students at Southern and other Christian colleges around the world will have a thorough overview of scriptural guidelines for appropriate behavior.

CafferkyMichael Cafferky, DBA and MDiv, is an industry leader on that trending topic and author of this recently-published work. He holds the Ruth McKee Chair for Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics for Southern's School of Business and Management and has written countless articles and several books on related matters. This stands in stark contrast to 20 years ago when there were few materials devoted to increasing the clarity and efficiency of faith-based management. 

“Christian business scholars who teach at Christian colleges are increasingly interested in finding ways to engage students on issues of faith in the classroom,” Cafferky said. “Similarly, scores of business affinity groups have sprung up around the country to encourage Christian managers and executives who see their time in the marketplace as a last frontier of sorts for mission work.”

Business Ethics in Biblical Perspective covers a wide range of topics—consumer ethics, corporate responsibility, social contracts, and justice issues, among others—and uses 12 biblical themes to evaluate contemporary concerns. Additional features include 17 original case studies designed to encourage dialogue on complex issues and 54 debate topics for further research, practical application, and discussion.

Cafferky’s passion for educating about Christian business ethics is not limited to the classroom or restricted by margins in a book. An active speaker at conferences, he has given presentations both in the United States and internationally. During the Fall 2015 semester he is even helping lead an intergenerational Sabbath School class titled “Jesus in the Marketplace” at Southern’s campus church.

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