Students "Fall at the Wall" for Week of Prayer

Week of prayer, also known as “Fall at the Wall,” brought Southern’s campus together to worship at the Goliath Wall during the last week of September. The week-long series of worships occur every fall semester,  often featuring a guest speaker. The speaker this year was Harold Alomia, the lead pastor for the College View church at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska. Alomia's theme for the week was “Magnum Opus,” based on Matthew chapters five and seven, which he believes are the magnum opus, or “great work,” of God.

Alomia’s sermons varied in emphasis. He focused on well-known topics such as the dangers of insulting others and Christians being the salt of the earth but also covered more complex topics such as the paradox of the Beatitudes and the enduring issues of lust. However, these concepts ultimately fed into the importance of an individual’s spiritual journey.

His metaphors and parables were a highlight of each evening for many students. A parable that stood out for Cristina Rico, sophomore psychology major, was one about a set of candles that refused to shine when they were exposed to the outside world. Alomia related this story to Christians who find reasons not to witness for God and hide their light from the world.

“The parable about the candles,” Rico said, “made me realize how I have been holding back. After hearing the pastor’s message, I felt compelled to go out and tell others my testimony.”

Alomia’s final message, centered on God’s magnum opus, was tied together with an emphasis on having a deeper relationship with Christ.

"I hope that students fall in love with Jesus even deeper at the end of our time together," said Southern's chaplain, Brennon Kirstein. "I hope they commit to taking the next step in moving closer to him—whatever that next step might be for each student."

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