Student Artist Illustrates Great Controversy for Senior Exhibit

Sarahi Remolina recently had her own art show on campus featuring pieces that depicted the Great Controversy. The 30 digital illustrations were inspired by a dream where she was tasked with creating a series of paintings to line a wall in Heaven as a memorial of Jesus’ redemption work. This vision became something of a reality as her senior showcase exhibit runs December 2 through January 9 in the John C. Williams Art Gallery on campus.

Sarahi RemolinaThe project was a valuable learning experience, but one that came with considerable challenges.

“Normally when I draw something there isn’t a big struggle to finish it, but this series has been the hardest project I’ve ever faced,” said Remolina, a fine arts major from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “No matter how much I battled with the paintings, they didn’t improve. It was only when I placed my full faith in Jesus and trusted Him that they were completed.”

Remolina’s illustrations portray, either literally or symbolically, topics including salvation, the ministry of Jesus, the world’s final events, and the New Earth. Working on the pieces impacted her both spiritually and emotionally, and her desire is that people who viewed the exhibit will grow in a similar manner.

“Although you often hear the phrases ‘God is Love’ and ‘God is our Father,’ I don’t believe many of us understand the full extent of these expressions,” she said. “This entire project helped me better see Him as a profoundly loving Savior, who has an extremely protracted and tender patience, more than I ever thought before!”

Remolina hopes that her showcase will inspire others to use their God-given gifts to impact the world for Christ.

“Your work can make a big difference in the lives of those around you,” she said. “Don’t consider anything you do to be insignificant—nothing is wasted in the hands of God; nothing is too small for Him to use.”

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