Decoded: Campus Terms

Campus Terms

ACA—Adventist Colleges Abroad; study abroad program where you can spend a summer, semester, or year studying at an Adventist college in another country

Accent—Southern Accent, Southern's student-produced weekly newspaper

Afterglow—Informal get-together after vespers with music and singing

Big Frank—Vegetarian hot dog

CK—Campus Kitchen; beloved campus eatery that closed in 2014

CM—Campus Ministries

Convo—Convocation; a general assembly of the student body, typically featuring guest speakers or musicians. Convocations take place throughout the week, with the highest-attended one taking place every Thursday at 11 a.m.

Duck Pond—Stream located between Southern's sign at the beginning of campus and the entrance to the Collegedale Greenway; turns into a pond after heavy rain

Ellen White Steps—Long flight of stairs located beside Wright Hall

Florida Hospital—Not the actual hospital; shortened term referring to Florida Hospital Hall, the building that houses the School of Nursing

Happy Valley—Term used to refer to the valley campus is situated in and its high emphasis of Adventists

Haystack—Taco salad without meat (Adventist term)

Jacob’s Ladder—Long flight of stairs located between Talge Hall and Wright Hall

KR's—Eatery on campus located inside the Student Center; known for sandwiches and "Heaven in a Cup" shakes

Lanyard—Something you think will be helpful in keeping track of your ID card but in reality forever labels you as a freshman

LifeGroups—Student-led Bible study groups that meet weekly, typically with 12 students or fewer in each

MyAccess—Southern’s online student portal where you can check your grades, register for classes, etc.

Pasta Day—Popular meal at the Dining Hall served every Wednesday during lunch, featuring the student favorite, fried ravioli

Promenade—Wide, long sidewalk that spans across campus and connects most of the academic departments

SA—Student Association

SALT—Soul-winning And Leadership Training; evangelistic training program in partnership with It Is Written ministry

Sam’s Chicken—Meat substitute served at the Dining Hall every Thursday during lunch; also a student favorite

SJC—School of Journalism and Communication

SM—Student Missionary; a student who takes a semester or year-long break from college to serve in the mission field, often internationally but stateside as well, and frequently serves at schools or medical clinics

SOAP—Southern Outdoor Adventure Program; program for students and employees that provides outdoor recreation and adventure opportunities, including equipment and guides, at low or free rates. Activities include: whitewater rafting, rock climbing, caving, horseback riding, canoeing, camping

SonRise—Annual interactive Easter pageant organized by the Collegedale Church of Seventh-day Adventists and held on Southern's campus, featuring many students, faculty, and staff as actors and volunteers

Studio—Studio 4109; Southern’s student-run, live comedy sketch show, which takes place several times throughout the school year

Super Senior—Student who has attended longer than four years

SVAD—(Pronounced es-vad) School of Visual Art and Design

Vespers—Friday night worship service organized by Campus Ministries

Vespers Date—Term more commonly used by alumni generations; refers to a guy taking a girl on a date to Friday night vespers

Village/SV—Southern Village; apartment housing reserved for upperclassmen

VM—Village Market; a health food/grocery store operated by Southern and located in the Flemming Plaza shopping center across the street from Talge Hall. The VM Deli serves food eligible for students' meal plans.

WSMC—Public radio station featuring classical music operated by Southern and located on campus

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