Random College Advice



  • "Try to make a Google Doc with friends or classmates in class to put notes for studying." –Hannah, senior animation major
  • "Although we may get pressured to finalize a major, don’t be afraid to change it and do what you love!" –Autumn, sophomore public relations and graphic design major
  • "Start studying from day one; it helps." –Raymond, junior chemistry major
  • "Everyone learns at their own pace; it’s not a competition." –Thomas, junior computer science major


  • "It’s never bad to have some downtime for yourself." –Jason, junior media production major
  • "Don’t forget to take care of yourself." –Thomas, junior computer science major
  • "Make time for yourself!" –Shannon, junior public relations major
  • "Go to sleep before midnight; staying up late will just put your brain in a never-ending cycle of uselessness." –Myron, alum
  • "Try to go to bed earlier than later because sleep is important." –Angeline, freshman nursing major


  • "Patience is a virtue in regards to relationships." –Joseph, sophomore photography major
  • "High school relationships rarely make it." –Irisse, senior medical lab science major
  • "Don’t just meet people; develop genuine friendships." –Kyle, senior history major
  • "The women will come; just do you fam." –Jon, senior psychology major


  • "Always salt your pasta." –RJ, sophomore computer science major
  • "Remember to eat!" –Jonathan, junior theology major
  • "When in doubt, Taco Bell." –Jordan, junior history major
  • "Try not to live off ramen or you will die." –Hannah, senior animation major


Campus Life

  • "Get your worship credits in and gain a blessing early on in the semester!" –Beatrice, junior business administration major
  • "Don’t save laundry for last minute." –Ben, senior theology major
  • "You need to save money because your parents are not here." –Kemmy, freshman nutrition major
  • "Don’t wear a lanyard with your ID card around your neck!" –Mia, junior nursing major
  • "Intramurals are the key to avoiding Freshman 15 and meeting people!" –Beatrice, junior business administration major
  • "Get involved!!!!! Join clubs, do intramurals, slay the world." –Alexa, senior international studies major

Carpe Diem

  • "Work hard and enjoy every moment of it." –Kamiesha, sophomore psychology major
  • "Seize every given opportunity." –Jared, senior computer science major
  • "Do the thing that makes you nervous because good things can come from it." –Jacklyn, junior mass communication major

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