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SA ActivitiesCollege can be filled with new and exciting events, people, and experiences. Southern’s Student Association (SA) works hard to ensure that every student gets that opportunity. Through the 2017-2018 school year, SA will host multiple parties and events. Here are the top six you can look forward to.

Circus Welcome Party

The Welcome Party will be on August 26 and features funnel cake, cotton candy, popcorn, and games. This party is also always a great time and way to get to know new people because everyone is back on campus for the semester.

Fall Fest

Southern’s Fall Festival on October 29 is one of the events students always look forward to the most. Whether they look forward to it because of the games, the beautiful fall weather, or the caramel apples, it isn’t clear, but Fall Fest is always a lot of fun, with a large turnout. Clubs will be host games and booths to raise money for their operations.

Southern Ninja Warrior

Southern Ninja Warrior on November 4 is a new event this year, but it’s one that’s slated to be a large hit among students. Picture the famous American Ninja Warrior, but on Southern’s outdoor education challenge course that climbs up to 50 feet high. There will be prizes for the winner, as well as the bragging rights of being Southern’s first ninja-warrior.

Christmas Party

The end of the semester can be a stressful time, especially for first-time college students. To help you relax before finals, Student Association will host a relaxing Christmas Party on December 3, complete with therapy dogs, massages, and other features to help students relax and relieve stress.

Mid-Winter Party

At the start of the winter semester, January 13, Student Association will host our annual Mid-Winter Party to welcome returning students, as well as new and transfer students. This year it will have a Polynesian Luau theme with frozen drinks and fire dancers to provide for an exciting evening to catch up with friends and meet new students.

Strawberry Fest

On April 22, Student Association invites all students to relive the year with Strawberry Fest, an end-of-the-year strawberry themed party. The party’s main event is a video recapping the year’s events in the high-quality footage. Students eat strawberry-themed food and desserts while watching the video before receiving one of the parts they look forward to the most: yearbooks.

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