Top Seven Useful Apps for College Students

useful appsWe went to the office to see what apps our Admissions counselors find most helpful for college survival. Here are what they came up with:

1. University’s App—Despite each university having their own app, all are uniform in that you can use them to see upcoming events, check your grades, and most importantly, see what the cafeteria is serving for lunch.

2. The Weather Channel—Nothing ruins a fantastic outfit more than the elements. This app is the difference between you arriving at class freezing and soggy or warm and comfortable.

3. Google Maps—You do not want to move halfway across the country only to get lost in your new college town. Download this particularly accurate navigation system to get you around.

4. Mobile Payment App—Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, and CashApp are the most popular options when you are strapped for actual cash. No more IOUs to hang over your head when you eat out with your squad.

5. Groupon—On the same train of thought as #4, Groupon provides great deals for group activities. Use the promotions offered through this app to have some off-campus fun with your friends.

6. YouVersion—Forgot your Bible in your rush to morning meditation or evening worship? Just pull up your phone to help you follow the speaker’s message. This app also challenges you to read your Bible through streaks.

7. Google Drive/Doc—Chances are you will have your phone with you at all times but not your laptop or notebook, so this will be your lifesaver when you are on the run and need to do some last minute work. 

This is by no means a comprehensive list. There are thousands of apps, both for Android and Apple users, to service you ways you can’t even imagine. Research around for apps to make your college years a little more comfortable.Apps

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