Two Birds with One Stone: Gen Ed Classes

SJC ClassroomIn a previous article, we discussed how general education works. Gen ed classes fall into three categories: R. Spiritual Development, IN. Intellectual Development, and P. Physical Development. To make your life easier and more interesting, Southern designed certain classes to fulfill more than one gen ed requirement, meaning you learn multiple skill sets at the same time in addition to completing your requirements quicker. Here’s a list of cool classes that help you move along through your gen eds.

  • Woodworking (TECH-154)
    Gen ed: S-3C Creative Skills, G2 Practical Skills, and SERV2 Christian Service
    Course description: A study of hand and machine tools, joinery, and proper methods of furniture construction. The required introductory project will be donated to a charitable organization such as the Samaritan Center. One period lecture, six periods laboratory each week. A supplies fee will be charged for the cost of the materials used in project construction.
  • Film Evaluation (COMM-326)
    Gen ed: WRT Writing, IN-10 Aesthetic Analysis, S-3A Literature, and D2 Literature
    Course description: The primary goal of this class is to help each student develop a set of criteria for critically evaluating films. Besides regularly assigned reading, class activities include discussion of the contributions films make to our culture, studying how films are made, and how to write about films. Films are screened as a part of the class, and weekly evaluation papers based on the screened film are expected.
  • Personal Finance (BUAD-128)
    Gen ed: N-9 Stewardship/Business/Econ, I-5 Econ & Bus, and F2 Family Science
    Course description: A course in basic economic concepts and business terminology and practices designed to provide the techniques to manage personal finances. Budgeting, consumerism, insurance, home ownership, and investments are included in the topics covered.
  • History of the Holocaust (HIST-389)
    Gen ed: C1 History, WRT Writing, and I-3A Civ, Global
    Course description: A study of the historical and social circumstances leading to and surrounding the Jewish Holocaust. This course explores several theories of the event.
  • Personal Evangelism I (RELP-361)
    Gen ed: R-4 Religion Elective, SERV2 Christian Service, and B3 Religion
    Course description: The course covers the principles and practice of one-to-one evangelism, focusing on leading people to Christ, giving effective Bible studies, friendship evangelism, ministering to young people, and working in local church outreach endeavors.

Keep in mind that these classes are only five out of a whole university’s worth of classes. There is definitely more than one combo to getting your general education requirements done. Before making any decisions, make sure you visit your academic adviser or talk to someone at the Advising First Year in Lynn Wood Hall.

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