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a collage of group pictures from BCU, Asian club, and LACOur three cultural clubs here on campus, Asian Club, Black Christian Union (BCU), and Latin American Club (LAC), are unique. Southern is in a unique place. I like to say this all the time: we’re the most diverse campus in Tennessee, second most diverse in the American South, and second most in all of Adventism.

For many years, we’ve had these clubs that are based on educating other people and celebrating together, not just the diversity of this campus, but what we have here within each and every single culture. I find that so beautiful. My experience with all three has been great.

These clubs are open to all people. You may be black and the first club you join is Asian Club. They’ll be just as accepting and excited to have you. It’s really about celebrating each other. It doesn’t matter if you’re this or that, this is a campus where you’re encouraged to learn more about other people, you’re encouraged to learn new things. And so, you can be white and you can join any of them, you can be black and join any of them, etc. That’s not what the focus is on. It’s for all people. All people have a chance to learn and enjoy.  

This year, you saw an incredible LAC night. It was hilarious, it was educational, people enjoyed it, and it felt like together we were celebrating. It’s the same with BCU. We talked about some very, very real issues. But, we celebrated together, and we talked about how much positivity there is. And, we’re looking forward to a great Asian night in April. Together, I find that’s what makes us Southern, and that’s the strength of what we have here at our university. It’s a major strength, and nothing but positive.

Really it is all about celebrating together, educating each other, even when it’s uncomfortable, even when it’s not the most popular opinion. It’s about togetherness, and that’s what I love about Southern. So many different cultures create our Southern culture. We are different, and we’re Seventh-Day Adventist Christians, and that is really beautiful. We just need to find ways to continue to show that and bring us all together before Christ comes. It’s not going to be perfect, but we’ll get there.


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