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A view of one of the rows of tables at Meet the Firms 

Every semester, Southern hosts Meet the Firms, a job fair for any students looking for internships or future employment. Meet the Firms is an important event to attend, even if graduation is still far away, because it provides the opportunity to make important connections and become familiar with local companies. At this year’s job fair, several recruiters from different industries shared their simple recommendations for a successful job hunt and interview.

“Be yourself. When you're doing an interview, talk about the things that you're passionate about. Keep it real.”  –Bobby, School of Public Health, Loma Linda

“Make sure, if there is an agency you're interested in, that you educate yourself about it before asking for a job or an internship. It shows that you're more than just some random person.” –Vivian, La Paz

“I would recommend that they be themselves. Be open-minded. We want someone to be driven, someone who has a goal. Energetic in their own way. We look for those things. We want people who are positive.” –Arvin, Reliance Partners 

“Make sure you have the right contact info: address, phone number, and email. A professional email address. Those small things can really make a difference. Make sure things are chronological and in bold (in your resume). Make sure your skill sets that match the job description are out where people can see them. Use bullet points. When you go to an interview, arrive a minimum of 30 minutes early. If possible, look up the organization dress code. The better you fit the dress code, the easier they can see you in the position.” –Jermaine, Adventist Health Systems

“Research the company; know their mission and values.” –Amanda, Adventist Health Systems

Go in prepared. Know the company; read up about it.” –Matt, McKee Foods

Dress the role. Don't wear a tux, but don't come in jeans. You want them to remember your outfit in a good way.” –Andrew, McKee Foods

Remember that even if the job market feels far away, these are great suggestions for applying to a temporary or on-campus job in college. It’s never too early to apply smart principles to pursuing new opportunities.

Do you have a tip to add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

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