Skip the Stress: How To Register for First-Semester Classes

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Freshman registration opens in less than two weeks! But don’t panic. Southern’s First Year Advising has got you covered. Here is a quick list of what First Year Advising can help you do:

Tour your MyAccess account

MyAccess is your online student hub. This is where you’ll see all sorts of important information, like your class schedule, book list, and grades.

Set up your Southern email

You get a brand-new email! Forget about the gmail/hotmail/yahoo thing you had before—everything school-related will come to you through here.

Tick off your Enrollment Checklist

If you’re not sure what an Enrollment Checklist is, then you definitely need an appointment with First Year Advising. Even if you do know, it involves a bit of paperwork, and it’s always good to have someone to guide you through.

Select and register for your first semester classes

Don’t stress about deciding which classes you should take. The advisers can show you the suggested course sequence for your major. That lays out a sample schedule for every semester from freshman to senior year. Then, First Year Advising will walk you through the steps to finalize your registration.

Connect you to your academic department and adviser

First Year Advising is, like it says, for the first year. After that it’s your academic adviser who will be taking care of you. This is a faculty member from your department who will guide you through planning a course schedule for your specific major. If you’re a double major, you’ll get two advisers, one from each department.

Answer your questions

College is a big transition. We get it, and that’s why a call to First Year Advising is a great time to get all of those important questions off your chest. They’ll tell you what you need to know about SmartStart, the Main Event, and Southern Connections. And if you don’t know what all of these are yet, don’t worry. Just call.

Set up your emergency texting service

Whether it’s a campus emergency like a lockdown, or classes are canceled because of severe weather, you want to hear about it! Our emergency texting service is just another way we keep you safe.

What to do next

Registration is coming up quick! Don’t wait until the day of to get in contact with First Year Advising. Some classes fill up quick, and having your schedule planned and your forms signed when registration opens can really make all of the difference.

Schedule an online appointment here Make sure you have 45-60 minutes of free time at a computer

Call during Office Hours (M-Th 9-5 and Fri 9-noon):  423.236.3100 


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