Employee Wellness 

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Mission Statement

The Employee Wellness Committee is dedicated to establishing and maintaining an environment that promotes general health by supporting the adoption of attitudes that contribute to well-being and provide information, activities and services designed to support healthy lifestyle choices. 


  • Encourage physical, mental, spiritual, social and holistic well-being.
  • Foster interest and encourage employees to initiate or expand healthier lifestyles.
  • Provide diverse wellness programs to meet a wide range of personal health needs.
  • Recognize employees participating in healthy lifestyle activities.


  • Increase the percentage of people who are in the "Low Risk" or "No Risk" categories to 70% or higher. 
  • Decrease the percentage of people who are in the "Moderate Risk" category to less than 20%.
  • Zero percentage of people who are in the "Highest Risk" or High Risk" categories.  

Important Dates

Event Time Dates Designated Times Presenters Location
Colloquim 2017 Wellness Assessment 6 - 10 a.m.  8/8/17 

Last Name begins with:
6:00 a.m. (Those unable to attend later)
6:20 a.m. (A, B)
6:40 a.m. (C)
7:00 a.m. (D, E, F)
7:20 a.m. (G, H)
7:40 a.m. (I, J, K)
8:00 a.m. (L, M)
8:20 a.m. (N, O, P)
8:40 a.m. (Q, R, S)
9:00 a.m. (T, U, V)
9:20 a.m. (W, X, Y, Z)
9:40 a.m. (Part-time, retirees, volunteers)

The assessment will include the following (and a gift for full time employees and their spouses that come and participate):

  • Body Composition/BMI testLipid profile
  • Colon Cancer Screening
  • Flexibility test
  • Iron for women
  • Personal wellness plan
  • Grip strength test
  • *^Bone density/osteoporosis
  • Blood Pressure check
  • Comprehensive metabolic panel
  • Facial cancer screening
  • PSA for men over 40
  • Diabetic/pre-diabetic screening (A1C)
  • Aerobic Fitness Evaluation
  • *Hearing Screening

    *Sign up August 8th for testing August 29th
    ^This screening is for those at high or with elevated test results from last year.  Otherwise, the test is recommended to be done every two to three years.

Breakfast provided in the gym after your assessment.
For questions, contact Marlene Geren, RN, at 706-935-3055, or bwell4ever@mail.com

BWell4Ever &
PEHW Staff
Iles Gym 
Wellness Assessment Make-Up  6 - 9 a.m.  8/29/17 Same information as above applies to the make-up assessment.  BWell4Ever &
PEHW Staff
Iles Gym