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Professor Lisa Kuhlman graduated from with a BBA in international business from the acclaimed George Washington University. She went on to get her MBA in marketing from Southern before becoming a full-time faculty in June of 2016. In addition to teaching marketing classes, Professor Kuhlman is in charge of Meet the Firms, a networking opportunity Southern offers twice a year where students get the chance to meet with prospective employers.

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  • How did you get into the marketing field?

    I’ve worked in marketing through various avenues since I received my undergraduate degree. I’ve networked and marketed the companies I worked for and the opportunities they created to federal agencies as contract support as well as creating fliers, brochures, and newsletters for a variety of organizations. I’ve also developed websites for a number of clients as a consultant for Booz Allen & Hamilton and worked on the BP/Amoco merger.

  • Do you watch Mad Men or Shark Tank?

    I watch Shark Tank. However, my favorite thing to do is watch a variety of TV shows and look for product placement. I’ve seen a number of shows that have Little Debbie snack cakes in them. One of them was Big Bang Theory.

  • In your opinion, how has marketing changed the world?

    Marketing is around us all the time. Initially, we connected through creating person-to-person relationships, then moved to print advertisements and proceeded to radio and TV ads. Today, we are connected to our brands, our favorite companies, and even celebrities through so many different channels. While print, radio, and TV are still part of the equation, they have been relegated to being a minor player. Social media has opened up a whole new way of creating influencers and instant engagement.

  • What is your favorite marketing lesson that also applies to our personal lives?

    Relationships are important in marketing and life.  Whether it is a family relationship, friendship, or acquaintance it is important to keep your relationships on solid ground.  Not everyone is going to get along all of the time, but don’t ever burn bridges. 

To learn more about the School of Business, contact Lisa Kuhlman at or schedule an academic appointment through the Campus Visit office.

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