Top Five Classes to Take for SmartStart

Smart StartAny new student that is coming to Southern (whether you’re an incoming freshman or transfer student) can sign up for one free three-credit-hour course during the third summer session on campus. You have to pay for your books, room, and food, but the class is FREE. Usually, three credit hours would cost you about $1,900, so it’s definitely something you should take advantage of. It’s also a great way to get into a rhythm on campus, make some new friends, explore the greater-Chattanooga area, and get a job before the fall semester begins. Plus, because you're able to focus all your energy on that one class, it becomes a  great opportunity to start your college career off with an A!

As you’re considering your options, you can talk to your Admissions Counselor, the academic adviser you’re assigned to, or our First Year Advising Center for more help. Just to give you a head start on the topic though, I want to share the Top Five Classes to take at SmartStart!

5.) Communication and Public Speaking (COMM-135)

Although public speaking is super intimidating, this is one of the most fun classes you’ll take in college and it’s an awesome way to get to know people. At Southern, the Public Speaking classes are limited to 16 students, so you really get to know your classmates through group projects and presentations that everyone makes. It’s a course that is required for all students, so even if you’re unsure of your major, this will count. And… since it’s an easier course, you’ll have plenty of time to take advantage of other fun things to do on campus and around Chattanooga.

4.) Survey of Health Chemistry (CHEM-120)

Okay, so this one is more major-specific, but if you want to get into our most popular program at Southern, this is the BEST class to take during SmartStart. Survey of Health Chemistry is a class that all nursing students take as a replacement for chemistry. The curriculum is designed to prepare nursing students for the specific applications of chemistry in their workplace, so they’ve eliminated all of the stuff that’s not relevant and made it very applicable to aspiring nurses.

3.) Statistics (MATH-215)

This one is no joke…. It’s a tough class, but due to changes in the workplace, statistics are of growing importance in our world. Statistics is now a required course for all Southern students and the advantage to taking it during SmartStart is simple: you’ll have more time to devote to being successful in it! Whether or not math comes easy for you, this class will demand more time and effort than others. Luckily, there are FREE tutors available for all Southern students and a Math Lab in the Mathematics department where you can work on assignments with tutors, classmates, and even professors.

2.) Critical Thinking in Academic Reading and Writing (ENGL-101), a.k.a. Composition 101 or Comp 101

This class is not only required for all Southern students, but universally required of all college graduates. This is one that I am personally biased toward because of my own experience, too. I took Comp 101 before my freshman year and found it very beneficial. First of all, you will have to write papers for almost all of your classes in college, and this will help you further develop your writing skills for those classes. Secondly, it’s in the mid-range of difficulty and time spent in homework. It will enable you to have a good balance of challenging academics with the ability to have some free time for fun.

1.) Life and Teachings of Jesus

Life and Teachings of Jesus is one of the most difficult classes to get into during the school year, because it is one of the most popular. Many freshmen aren’t able to get into the class during the fall and winter semesters because upperclassmen get first dibs and fill it up before they even get a shot—so here’s your shot! Take it during the summer. Plus, it’s among the most meaningful classes you’ll take at Southern, studying the four Gospels and the true essence of following Jesus.

These are just a few of the many classes offered during the SmartStart session at Southern. For a complete list, or to sign up click here.

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