Five Ways to Enjoy Break When You’re Stuck on Campus

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It’s break, and you’re stuck on campus. Maybe home is too far away and plane tickets are too pricey. Whatever the reason, here are five tips for actually enjoying your on-campus vacation.

Take a Day Trip

Southern is conveniently located next to Chattanooga, which has tons of fun things to do. You can get some ideas from our blog post of affordable activities in Chattanooga. For information about upcoming events, check out the Visitor’s Center website. They have a calendar of all the major events happening. If you want to venture out farther, see our post about Southern on the Map for inspiration.  
No car? No problem. Get some friends together and rent one of the Green Commuter electric cars. The sign-up process is super simple. Just follow the steps on their website or download their app. The cars are $7/hour or $45/day to rent.  

Feel-Good Habits

Who hasn’t used the excuse, “I’m too busy,” for not working out? Well, now is the ideal time to cut out that excuse. Exercise not only keeps you fit, it also gets your endorphins flowing, which improves your mood. Take a break from feeling sorry for yourself and your staycation with some cardio routines. You don’t have to run a marathon. There are tons of activities to do on campus and off, like swimming, hiking, and weight lifting.
Follow up your workout with some relaxation, like soaking in Hulsey Wellness Center’s hot tub or sitting in the sauna or steam room. Breaks on campus are also a great time to treat yourself to a massage, also available at Hulsey. You can find information on scheduling and prices here. And, let’s be honest, who in college couldn’t use a massage?

Get Creative

School doesn’t leave much room for nurturing your creative side. Even if you’re an arts major, it’s not always the same getting creative for an assignment. Take time during break to indulge in your creative hobbies, whatever they are.
Creative activities can help calm your mind, reduce stress, and promote the flow of ideas. And don’t think that “creative activities” just mean painting. They can also be things like music, writing, choreography, poetry, design, and more.  

Accomplish a Goal

Maybe exercise isn’t the only thing you’ve been putting off. If there’s a goal you’ve been delaying for a while now, this is the time to tackle it. A break from your classes means you can put the day-to-day aside and do the things that truly matter to you. Take this time to accomplish something you’ll be proud of afterward.


Sometimes life goes by so fast that we hardly have time to stop and think about how we’re really doing. Take a moment during this vacation to pause and reflect. Think about your priorities and your emotional health.
Let your mind wander over the events of this school year. Gauge your feelings and your satisfaction with your life and your future. Think about your goals. Writing down or talking out your thoughts might be helpful in this exercise. Reflecting isn’t depressing or a waste a time. It’s your chance to understand more about where you are, who you are, and where you want to go.

Staying behind while friends get on their flights home can be discouraging, but your staycation can also be an opportunity to accomplish something wonderful. Next time you’re staying on campus, try these five tips instead of Netflix binging.

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