Email Setup for Android

Exchange, or Corporate Sync, is the setup of choice for Android devices. This setup keeps your email, calendar, and contacts on the server, making them viewable on any device or computer anywhere in the world!  So, when you add a contact or calendar event on your Android device, it will also appear in Outlook on your computer.

Use Microsoft Exchange settings »

Here's how to set up your Southern Adventist University email account on your Android device with Microsoft Exchange settings.

The example below is from a Motorola phone. Where menus vary considerably, additional screen captures are shown.



1. Tap the Menu key and selectSettings.





2. Select Accounts.





3. Select Add Account.  Since manufacturers often customize menus, your Accounts menu may look slightly different.






4. Select Corporate Sync orExchange ActiveSync.


Your phone might look more like the image on the right.






5. Enter your Southern Adventist University account information.





6. At this point, your Android phone will add your account.  It could take a few minutes, so be patient.





7. Your account is now set up and ready to go.  It could take a few minutes for your contacts, email and calendar to sync.


If your phone displays the screen shown on the right, you will need to make a couple of changes.





8.  Type sau before the slash in front of your name, and cas. in front of and tap Next.





9.  After a moment or two, you will be given a few options.  Make your selections and select Next.  You're done!