Learning Support Services

 Open road

Education at Southern Adventist University can be an adventure as exciting as starting down an open road; there's no limit to the possibilities. Learning Support Services is available to help you on the expressway to success, whether it's helping you learn how to study effectively, showing you how to manage your time efficiently, or even teaching you how to read your assignments in less time. 

Mission Statement

Learning Support Services' mission is to provide, in a supportive Christian environment, the academic survival skills needed throughout college, while developing a community of lifelong self-regulated learners. 

"What will I find at Learning Support services?"

  1. Tutoring Services
  2. Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS)
  3. Skills Development Services
  4. Test Preparation Services
  5. Computer Workstation

"What if I'm not sure how to handle college?"

You're not alone. Many students who arrive at Southern need more preparation for the demands of higher education. We can help you strengthen your reading, writing, and study skills to maximize your time and energy. In addition, we will teach you some of the secrets of success.