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An Important Conversation

As long as the world exists, humans will debate how it all got started. Participation in this discussion has been important at Southern Adventist University for decades. An interdisciplinary array of students and faculty members are part of the conversation.

Classes explore origins theories and interpretation of scientific data. The Faith–Science Discussion group considers the complex issues of origins. Students use artistic media to express creation themes. The community is invited to attend Southern's annual Origins Weekend. Resources from donors, artists, faculty, students, and employees have combined to produce the Origins Exhibit in the Hickman Science Center.

Southern helps students learn to wrestle with the issues and maintain their faith though there are unanswered questions. We believe it is possible to struggle with origins-related issues, look at evidence objectively, be intellectually honest, and still have confidence in Scripture as the inspired Word of God and Jesus as Creator and Lord.

A Consistent Worldview

Faith–Science Talk

Wrestling honestly with the mysteries of our origins

The Creation

Student art inspired by the beauty of God and His creation 

Columns on Creation

COLUMNS magazine features creation across disciplines