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We're glad your student is attending Southern. You can view information helpful to you as a parent by viewing the topics below. You can also download our Parent's Guide booklet that covers a wide range of topics.


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Student Employment »

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In recent years, more than half of the students have worked on campus. Most students find it manageable to work 8 to 12 hours per week. Student schedules and skills are the most significant variables in finding a job.

Getting Paid
Students are paid every other Friday. By default, 25 percent of earnings is direct-deposited to the student’s personal bank account and 75 percent is applied to the Southern account.

Required Forms
Before starting work, students will need to turn in the following forms to Human Resources:

Work/Study Program

Students employed under the Federal Work-Study Program get 100 percent of their earnings direct-deposited to their personal bank account.  

brailsfordAnjanette Brailsford  Student Employment Coordinator

Phone  423.236.2278

Email  anjibrailsford@southern.edu

Campus Safety »

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Campus Safety is on duty 24/7 to ensure a safe environment for students, faculty, and visitors. We also provide services such as:

  • Vehicle assistance—jumpstarts, air in tires, and out-of-gas assistance
  • Lost & Found
  • On-campus safety escorts after dark
  • Severe-weather monitoring

Emergency Notification
Text message alerts are sent to students in case of an emergency on campus.

Emergency notification sign-up» 

Parking Permits
Vehicles parked on campus need to display a parking permit.

Vehicle registration and parking »                      

shShawn Haas  Office Manager

Phone  423.236.2100

Email  shawnh@southern.edu

Staying Informed »

We invite parents to stay informed about campus life—the daily schedule, special events, and all the how-tos of student life at Southern.

  • Panorama is a newsletter designed especially for parents to provide a current glimpse of campus life. It is automatically mailed to parents at home. You can also sign up for ePanorama, a digital publication with even more up to date features.

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Campus life at Southern is more lively, rich, and fun for students because of the tireless energy and love of Kari Shultz. She is the director of student life and activities. 

ksKari Shultz  Director of Student Life and Activities

Phone  423.236.2484

Email  kshultz@southern.edu 

University Health Center »

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We provide compassionate and confidential care to all students regardless of which insurance they carry. Our services include: 

  • Acute care (active, short-term treatment for a severe injury or episode of illness)
  • Treatment of minor injuries and illnesses
  • Immunizations and allergy shots
  • Physicals
  • Lab tests
  • Limited screening and care is available for emotional health issues 

The UHC is staffed by a nurse practitioner and registered nurses during regular office hours and is supervised by a physician (available by appointment).

After Hours
Resources are provided for students needing helpafter hours.

  • For emergencies, call 9-1-1.
  • For non-emergency questions, students may call Collegiate Assistance at 877.643.5130. This service is available 24/7. 

Charges for Services
Fees for medical services are charged to the student’s Southern account. The UHC submits claims for those enrolled in Southern’s student insurance and reimbursements are posted to the student account when received. Walk-out statements are provided for students with non-university insurance.

mkMary King  Registered Nurse

Phone  423.236.2713

Email  maryking@southern.edu

Student Medical Insurance »

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Students have to have medical insurance. Southern partners with UnitedHealthcare to provide coverage at approximately $1079 for the full-year. Students with insurance by another carrier may opt out. You can view insurance rates here

Medical services provided by the University Health Center are covered at 100% for students insured through UnitedHealthcare. Charges are applied to the student’s Southern account at the time of service, and reimbursement is applied when received from UnitedHealthcare.

An insurance application/waiver is due each school year.

Student Insurance Application or Waiver Form » 

Marggie Pittman  Student Benefits Coordinator

Email  mpittman@southern.edu

Phone  423.236.2566

Chaplain’s Office »

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The Chaplain’s Office is devoted to helping students grow in knowing the Lord. Life at Southern is rich with opportunities for corporate worship, small-groupmeetings, local outreach, and mission service abroad. Empowering students to start their own ministry

Community Worship
Large and small worship meetings and special events take place on campus every day, including residence hall worship, Friday night vespers and Afterglow, student weeks of prayer, lawn concerts, and multiple church services each Sabbath.

Adventist churches in the area provide abundant worship-service options »

Now, more than 1,000 students participate in weekly small-group meetings for Bible study, prayer, and community. Learn more »

Outreach Ministries
Students at Southern are empowered to start ministries of their own or join the many time-tested activities already in place: Westside 4 Jesus, Hospital Ministry, Flag Camp, Restore, Patten Towers, Prison Ministry, and more. Learn more about Ministries »

Missions Opportunities
Southern’s student-missionary tradition continues. Long- and short-term mission trips provide experiences for personal growth and service abroad. View Parent FAQs on the Student Missions page » 

bkBrennon Kirstein  Chaplain

Phone  423.236.2787

Email  brennonk@southern.edu


Student Success Center »

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We are here to ensure that every student has the support they need to be successful at Southern.

First Year Support
We take extra steps to ensure that new students have everything they need to make a successful transition to university life. The First Year Experience office provides student orientation along with the Southern Connections class and matches each freshman with a student mentor. The staff in First Year Advising assist students with course schedules, choice of major, and other registration and enrollment needs.

jwJim Wampler  Director

Phone  423.236.2783

Email  jwampler@southern.edu 

Plan a Visit »

We welcome you and your prospective student to come see Southern for yourselves. The following links will help you plan a visit to our campus.