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Online Courses

Online Campus courses are designed to be dynamic and supportive. With our frequent student and professor interaction, you may feel as though you’re a part of a physical classroom!

All class resources for online courses can be found on Southern Adventist University's Course Management System called eClass. Weekly student-professor meetings using the Adobe Connect web-communication system allow students and professors to interact in real time. For eClass system requirements, check here.

Recognized Technology Innovator

In 2006, Southern received national recognition in Campus Technology magazine for its use of interactive gaming as a learning tool. The university was selected as one of 16 institutions to be listed as a Campus Technology Innovator.

What Students Say

“Before I decided to attend Southern Adventist University, I was stuck spiritually. [...] The course material, both the lectures and the supplemental material added, provided instruments of knowledge that were adapted in ways that allowed every type of learner to grasp the ideas that were being presented to know the Lord more intimately. [...] I am grateful for this opportunity and taking this course”

“Online classes are always hit-or-miss from a student’s perspective, but you definitely make it work. Thank you for the impact you have left on me and the other students in this class.”

“This class on the Life and Teachings of Jesus has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. [...] A university with a foundation in Christ makes all the difference in the world.”

“I have opened my eyes and heart more since reading this book and taking this course. Little did I know that a college course could lead to my salvation. That’s priceless tuition.”

“Thank you Dr. Morris and Southern for requiring your students to read the Desire of Ages. It has FOREVER changed my life. I pray someday we will all meet in heaven. God bless you.”

“My experience taking online classes at Southern has been pleasant and very interactive. I have the flexibility to fit courses into my hectic schedule and can accomplish all the work and watch the lectures in the comfort of my own room (or anywhere with an Internet connection). I am very pleased with the flexibility and opportunity to expand my learning that this online program has provided me.”

“All of the material from [Life and Teachings of Jesus] can be applied to my life now and my life to come. What a blessing it is to have a class that is so practical. This class not only better prepared me for letting others know about Christ, but also increased my excitement for Jesus all the more.”

“Very pleased with the total experience. Thank you.”

“I not only learned more about God [in the Life and Teachings of Jesus course], but I gained new friends. I thought going over the quizzes and chatting online was especially nice. Jesus’ life is a never-ending story. It’s so neat to look at His life so that we can grow closer to Him.”

What Teachers Say

“The experience of teaching using distance video-conferencing was an exciting and inspiring endeavor. I was amazed at how connected I felt to the students. Discussions and activities were shared as if we were together in the same room. It does not take long to see that teaching using this type of technology has unlimited possibilities! I recommend it highly to both teachers and students.”
- Ginger O‘Neal, Health Methods & Bible Methods

“As a teacher, I gather energy from the students in my class. To my surprise, the energy level was still there! Those wonderful connections that make teaching so rewarding were still made, and I felt a sense of accomplishment at the end of the course. I think we must face the reality that distance learning fills a need, is here to stay, and can be highly effective.”
- Eugene Brewer, Differentiated Instruction

“Some have wondered whether 'the Southern experience' can occur in an online class. My answer is 'Yes!' For students who are off campus, an online class can give them a taste of education in a Christian context. Serious learning is taking place, students’ lives are being impacted, and I am blessed beyond measure!”
- Derek Morris, Life and Teachings of Jesus