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The Daily Crime and Fire Safety Log is prepared and maintained in accordance with the Jeanne Clery Act. The daily log records alleged/non-alleged criminal incidents that are reported to Campus Saftey

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What is the Daily Crime Log?

The Daily Crime Log differs from other disclosure requirements in some important ways:

  • All crimes are reported for the required geographic locations, not just Clery Act crimes.
  • Specific information about criminal incidents, not crime statistics, is disclosed.
  • Crime information is disclosed on a more timely basis than the annual statistical disclosures. A crime is entered into the log within 48 hours of it being reported to Campus Safety.
  • If multiple criminal offenses are committed during a single incident, all of the offenses must be recorded in the log.
  • The log has a more specific location focus than the statistical disclosures. There is an additional geographic location that applies exclusively to the crime log. All crimes occurring in the patrol jurisdiction of the Campus Safety Department are entered into the crime log. 

A change of disposition or addition to the crime log must be recorded within two business days of being reported to the Campus Safety Department. A business day is Monday through Friday, except for days when the institution is closed. The only exceptions to this rule are:

  • If the disclosure is prohibited by law
  • If the disclosure would jeopardize the confidentiality of the victim

Southern Adventist University is not required to update the disposition of a crime log entry if the disposition changes after 60 days have passed. Information may temporarily be withheld only if there is clear and convincing evidence that the release of information would:

  • Jeopardize an ongoing investigation
  • Jeopardize the safety of an individual
  • Cause a suspect to flee or evade detection
  • Result in the destruction of evidence

If a reported crime is investigated by law enforcement personnel who determine that a crime did not occur, the log will indicate that the disposition of the crime is “unfounded.” Only sworn or commissioned law enforcement authorities that investigate the crime can make this determination. A campus security authority who is not a sworn or commissioned law enforcement authority cannot unfound a crime. 

What is the Fire Safety Log?

The purpose of the Fire Safety Log is to record any instance of reported fire(s) occurring on campus property.

Reported fires include fires that were already extinguished as well as those discovered while still burning. They include emergency situations involving fires that necessitated a call to 911 for fire department assistance as well as minor fires, such as a small trash can fire that was easily extinguished without assistance. Fires can be reported by anyone, regardless of the individual’s association with Southern Adventist University.