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Event Safety Checklist

All events in campus require that a Event Safety Checklist be submitted to Campus Safety to ensure any security concerns that may arise. 

Please submit the form below. Within 24 hours of receipt of form, you will be contacted by someone from Campus Safety who will go thru your event with you and work thru any additional needs or security concerns. 

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Open Flame Permit

An open flame permit is required for any devices involving fire in a building, campfires in areas not specifically designed for them, or special demonstration devices such as forges or candle-making.  All local and state permitting requirements and regulations are in effect at all times (more at www.collegedaletn.gov and www.burnsafetn.org). Please click below to submit a request. 

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Temporary Smoke Detector Disable Request

Occasionally there might be times that you need to have a smoke detector or fire suppression system disabled. Examples would be the use of a fog machine or pyrotechnics for an event or if renovation is being done.