Event Safety Planner

Campus Safety is here to assist with planning safe events on campus.

Event Planning Form

Click here to fill out and submit a form with step-by-step guidance, tools, and information on planning a safe event.  After submitting the form, a Campus Safety Department individual will contact you to finalize and work through any additional resource needs, security concerns, or steps needed to finalize your event.

Open Flame Permit

Click here to fill out and submit a request to have a device with open flames on campus.  An open flame permit is required for any devices involving fire in a building, campfires in areas not specifically designed for them, or special demonstration devices such as forges or candle-making.  All local and state permitting requirements and regulations are in effect at all times (more at www.collegedaletn.gov and www.burnsafetn.org)

Temporary Smoke Detector Disable Request

Click Here to submit a request to temporarily disable an on-campus smoke detection or fire supression system for fog machine, pyrotechnics, or renovation.