Campus Parking and Vehicle Registration

Southern provides parking for visitors and guests in addition to students and employees. Visitors and guests are encouraged to obtain a complimentary parking permit upon their arrival and consult the parking map

All student-, faculty-, and staff-operated vehicles parked on campus must register and display a current Southern Adventist University parking permit. Vehicles are to be in compliance with this policy, the Tennessee Vehicle Code, and City of Collegedale ordinances; roadway and parking regulations are in effect at all times. While we have regular campus safety patrols, parking on university property is done at the driver/owner’s own risk. Southern Adventist University assumes no liability for damage to vehicles parked on university properties.

Driving and Parking at Southern

  • Roadway speed limit is 20 mph.
  • Parking lot speed limit is 15 mph.
  • Drivers must yield to pedestrians in roadways and crosswalks.
  • Persons operating vehicles on university property must have a valid and current driver’s license, current state registration for the vehicle being operated, and proof of vehicle insurance.
  • Vehicle accidents should be reported to Campus Safety. Vehicle accidents with injuries should be reported by calling 911 as well as Campus Safety.

Parking and Permits

  • All students, faculty, and staff must park in a lot correlating to their parking decal, in accordance with posted signage in marked spaces or parking areas.
  • During open parking hours, all currently registered vehicles may be parked in any lot except for the visitor parking lot in front of Wright Hall. Open parking is available Monday to Thursday 5:30 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., and Friday 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. the following Monday (during the weekend). Individually reserved spaces are not included in open parking hours unless otherwise indicated on the signage.
  • Parking private vehicles, for the sole purpose of advertising them for sale, is prohibited.
  • Storage of vehicles on campus is by permission only.
  • Vehicles must be in drivable condition, displaying current state registration.
  • Motorcycles may park in regular vehicle parking spaces or in the triangular parking aisle end areas hashed with white or yellow paint. The motorcycle must not obstruct free flow of traffic.Vehicles may be registered in person at the Campus Safety office or via the website at
  • Pricing of registration is listed below in Registration Fee Schedule 1.1 – All purchases must be made with either credit card or applied to student account.
  • Registration is to be completed by the vehicle driver/operator within three business days from the time the vehicle is first parked on university property.
  • After registration, a permit decal will either be mailed to the driver/operator or can be obtained in person at the Campus Safety office.
  • Decals are placed on the inside of the driver’s side, lower corner of the windshield. No portion of the decal is to be obstructed or covered.
  • Decals may be moved to another vehicle and more than one vehicle may be registered to one permit. It is the responsibility of the vehicle driver/operator to display the permit on the vehicle being parked on campus. Contact Campus Safety to register multiple vehicles.
  • Registered vehicles are restricted to parking lots and areas corresponding with the color-coded permit decal except during open parking hours. See “open parking” section for additional details. See chart 1.2 for details on color-coded system.
  • Motorcycles, trailers, and motorized scooters over 50cc are to be registered, but do not need to display the decal. The permit does not need to be displayed on the vehicle. Motorcycle operators are encouraged to use designated motorcycle spaces.
  • Free temporary parking permits are available for use on a vehicle being operated on campus for up to two weeks to assist in situations where the operator may have a borrowed vehicle.
  • Persons requiring special parking privileges may apply for a parking exception at the Campus Safety Office during regular business hours.

Guests and Visitors

Complimentary parking permits are available to university guests and may be obtained at the Campus Safety office during regular business hours. Short-term permits are available for occasional visits to campus, while guests visiting frequently throughout the year may obtain a 1-year decal.

Registration Fee Schedule 1.1

Permit Type Fall Semester Price Winter / Summer
Semester Price
Winter / Summer Semester Price
purchased after May 1st
Guests and Visitors Free Free Free
Faculty/Staff Free Free Free
Volunteer Free Free Free
Undergraduate Student $45 $45 $15
Graduate Student $15 $15 $15

Enforcement, Tickets, and Fines

Violations of this policy are documented by issuance of citations to the registered driver of the vehicle in violation. Citations are the responsibility of the person who registered the vehicle even if the registered person has lent the vehicle to another person. Each parking violation will be cited independently and must be paid or appealed separately. Citations must be paid or appealed within 14 days of issuance or the amount will double and be billed to the registered driver.

Appealed citations are reviewed and adjudicated by the university Traffic Appeals Committee. Traffic Appeals Committee decisions are final. Any amounts due once an appeal has been rejected or the amount due has been reduced must be paid within 14 days of the decision.

Fine Amounts Fix-It Citations
$15.00 All parking citation fines unless otherwise listed below. For the citations types listed below, if corrections are made before ticket due date expires, and the corrections are verified by Campus Safety, the person to whom the ticket was written may request the ticket to be dismissed.
- Expired state registration
- Failure to correct vehicle information
- Failure to display parking permit
- Failure to display parking permit properly
$208.75 Unauthorized parking in handicap parking space
$50.00 Parking in a Fire Lane
$45.00 Failure to Register Vehicle.
$45.00 Wheel Restraint Fee.
$250.00 Unauthorized Removal of Wheel Restraint.

Wheel Restraints and Towing

Wheel Restraints Towing
A wheel-restraining device may be applied to vehicles for one or more of the following reasons: - Issuance of the second (2nd) Failure to Register Vehicle citation in one semester or summer period. - Issuance of the fifth (5th), and all subsequent, citation in one semester or summer period, which has not been dismissed or appeal approved. Vehicles may be towed off campus at owner’s risk and expense for one or more of the following reasons. - Vehicle is abandoned on University Property. - Vehicle left for purpose of advertising for sale on university property. - Vehicle left for storage on university property, without authorization. - Obstructing the normal usage of a drive, driveway, road, or roadway. - Parked on sidewalk, no-parking area, or on grass that is not a designated parking area. - Parked in fire lane. - Unauthorized parking in handicap parking space.
To have a wheel restraint removed, all citations associated with the application must be paid or appealed, and the vehicle registered. Removing a wheel restraint without authorization will result in a $250.00 citation.

EXAMPLES of Signs and Permits