About Information Technology

Information Technology coordinates the acquisition and processes that provide current technology services and resources for Southern Adventist University.

Groups Within the Information Services Division

Information Technology
Directing and planning strategic and operational IS infrastructure

Integration and Development
Directing, managing, and monitoring integration of processes

Planning, implementing, and maintaining network infrastructure

Directing, managing, and monitoring computer support

Unit Mission

The mission of the Information Technology department is to provide access to, training for, and support of information resources in a way that maintains an optimal balance of reliability, security, cost effectiveness, and energy efficiency.

Sources of Information We Provide

  • email, internet, phones
  • databases, servers
  • cable infrastructure, intranet
  • computers, software

Unit Goals/Outcomes

  1. Reduce on-campus power consumption from university-owned computing devices
  2. Reduce software costs by taking advantage of more open-source and inter-campus initiatives
  3. Reduce the risk of downtime for centralized information servers and networks