Privacy and Security

The Southern Adventist University network is a private network and is available only to authorized users.


Several policies describe the initiatives in place to protect user privacy and security at Southern. 
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Backup and Recovery

A centralized backup system protects data stored on servers across campus.
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Encrypted USB Data Traveler

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It may be necessary to install updates to the encryption software: available here

Intranet Security

Southern's Intranet Security policy protects computers and servers in the internal university network.
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Phishing is a social engineering technique in which an "attacker" attempts to fool you into taking an action so they can steal your private information or infect your computer. 
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Port Restrictions

Inbound and outbound port restrictions are in place for the protection of users.
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Shared Storage

Students and employees may store campus-related data on the network. They can then move among computers on campus and still have access to their files. 
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