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Chile - Infusion Hope

Reach the people of Temuco, Chile through food ministry and the Adventist health message.

Infusion Hope is a vegetarian cafe in the South Austral Chile Conference. It offers a cozy setting where customers can enjoy a healthy vegetarian meal, borrow and read Adventist books/magazines, and even attend cooking classes.  

More Info
  • Average Fundraising Goal: Prices may vary. ~$3,000. See student missions office
  • Timeline: Full year and semester options available. 
  • Location: Temuco, Chile is a large city 400 miles south of the capital, Santiago Check out the location on Google Maps!
  • Living Accommodations: Housing will be an independent studio with refrigerator, bed, heat system, access to laundry
  • Language: A beginning level of Spanish is necessary to communicate with other staff and customers.
  • Food: Volunteers are responsible for their meals. A meal arrangement may be worked out with the cafe.
  • Internet Access: There is WiFi in the cafe. A phone chip may be purchased for greater connectivity.
  • Requirements: Kitchen skills required. Must have attended college/university for at least 1 year.
Position Info
  • Cook/Chef - volunteer will be responsible for food preparation. Volunteers may be asked to wait on tables or perform other tasks based on the needs of the cafe.


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Dining area of Infusion Hope
City of Temuco
Freshly-baked bread
Quinoa dish

Infusion Hope

Promo (Spanish)

Infusion Hope

Interested in Chile?

Apply for your preferred position at least four months before you plan to serve, though spots may be available up until a month before departure.