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Ecuador - Adventist Higher Technological Institute

Form competent professionals with solid values and principles that offer services to the church and society; contribute to the promotion, development, and teaching of science, technology, and culture; and restore the image of God in humankind.

The Adventist Higher Technological Institute in Ecuador is a college that offers multiple courses for different careers  The college shares its campus with CADE, the elementary and high school. 

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  • Average Fundraising Goal: Prices may vary. $3,200
  • Timeline: Full year and semester options available. 
  • Location: Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, Ecuador- The weather in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas is hot and humid most of the time. There are two seasons: rainy and sunny. Most of the days are wet and humid. The campus surrounded by trees and nature. Check out the location on Google Maps!
  • Living Accommodations: The missionaries will stay in the dorms of the school or in a house provided by the school. The dorms or house have individual twin beds, individual rooms or shared rooms and, depending on the circumstances, an independent bathroom. The electricity voltage in Ecuador is 110V. Each missionary will have to bring personal belongings and their own bedsheets, umbrella, and we suggest rain boots.
  • Language: Must be fluent in English, Spanish is very helpful.
  • Food: Provided by the institution cafeteria
  • Requirements: Religious volunteer visa, yellow fever vaccination.
Position Info
  • ESL Teacher - Assist in teaching english classes for college and high school students. Other various tasks may be assigned to volunteers as well.


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Classroom building
Campus entrance
Krista ('19-'20) and Sierra ('20) with school faculty


Elementary, Highschool, College

ITSAE (College) Website

CADE (Elementary/HS)

Interested in Ecuador?

Apply for your preferred position at least four months before you plan to serve, though spots may be available up until a month before departure.