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Indonesia - Adventist English Conversation School

Teach English while meeting the needs of the students

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  • Average Fundraising Goal: Prices may vary. See student missions office.
  • Timeline: 12 months: Jan. – Dec. (potentially flexible)
  • Location: Bandung, Indonesia. Check out the location on Google Maps!
  • Living Accommodations: Lodging will be provided. Facilities such as room size, appliances, utilities, furniture and housekeeping supplies will be adjustable according to the venue of duty. Electricity is available and is 240 volts. If it is in Jakarta, the lodging will be shared.
  • Language: Must be fluent in English, Indonesian is very helpful.
  • Food: Volunteers responsible
  • Requirements: Visa (Missionary), 3 years of university preferred.
Position Info
  • ESL Teacher – Teach teach English for kindergarten, for elementary, and for high school students. You will also give private tutoring lesson Monday through Friday and sometimes on Sunday. Teachers will be required to teach according to the needs under the program of Adventist English Conversation School (AECS). Teachers are required to be involved with the local church in helping to run youth/adult programs, preaching, teaching sabbath school, give testimonies and basically help out in any way possible for evangelism according to the objectives of AECS.

Interested in Indonesia?

Apply for your preferred position at least four months before you plan to serve, though spots may be available up until a month before departure.