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Poland - School by The Sea

Teach conversational English to Polish children and adults and thus build relationships within the community.

School by the Sea is a language school in Kołobrzeg, Poland. Although the school is run by an Adventist, it is not a Christian school, and it is open to anyone who is seeking to improve their language skills. They predominately offer lessons in English and German, but will provide any language there is a demand for. Missionaries are given the job of teaching conversational English lessons. The students will also have grammar lessons with a Polish teacher. School by the Sea is a good place to go if you love talking with people and getting to know them and working with people from all backgrounds. It also allows good opportunities for traveling Europe during the school breaks.

More Info
  • Average Fundraising Goal: Prices may vary. ~$3,000. See student missions office.
  • Timeline: Full year preferred. They are usually willing to work with you if you cannot stay a full year, but they prefer that you stay the entire term.
  • Location: Kołobrzeg (ko-wob-rzegk) is a mid-sized town (just under 50,000 people) located in northwestern Poland on the Baltic Sea. It is a big tourist destination for Germans, and during the warmer months and the school holidays you will see a lot of tourists in the town. The area is very Catholic and most of the people are semi-religious. By the sea there is a long promenade with many health resorts, spas (a big draw for older Germans), tourist shops, restaurants, tourist activities, and bike/walking trails. The area is safe, quiet, and, because there are almost no English speakers—and certainly not Americans—a pretty immersive experience culturally and linguistically. Check out the location on Google Maps!
  • Living Accommodations: The school owns one furnished apartment, so some missionaries live there. The others will be housed with Polish families that usually speak no English. They are given a bedroom to themselves and have access to the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Language: English for teaching classes. Polish - you don’t have to know Polish to go, but learning a few basic words would be helpful! When you’re out and about no one will be able to speak English if you need help.
  • Food: Missionaries are responsible for providing all of their own food. You are provided with a monthly stipend of 800 złoty - more than enough to purchase your own food and whatever else you may need. Wherever you stay will have a stove, so you will be able to cook whatever food you may need. Microwaves are rare in Poland, and it is unlikely that you will have one, so don’t plan on depending on microwave meals! 
  • Requirements: Visa.
Position Info
  • ESL conversational English teacher - Usually a couple conversational English teachers will teach at the school, and one or two others are traveling teachers. The former will be responsible for teaching one-on-one lessons and group lessons each week. The age ranges from 4 to 50, and you will be expected to teach on a number of topics: business English, basic conversation, basic vocab, advanced vocab and conversation, helping teens prepare for the English portion of Matura (similar to SAT/ACT), helping teens and adults prepare for English language certification exams. Traveling teachers will go with the director of the school to nearby towns and teach in peoples’ homes or in nearby schools. Often you will be taken to a nearby school (sometimes weekly, other times monthly) and expected to teach 5+ lessons to a regular classroom of students at varying levels on top of your usual duties at School by the Sea.


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Scenic streets of Kolobzeg
Classroom at School by the Sea
Overlooking the coast
Victoria ('18-'19) with some of her students
Lighthouse in Kolobrzeg
Cafés lining the streets
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Interested in Poland?

Apply for your preferred position at least four months before you plan to serve, though spots may be available up until a month before departure.